Live From The Fountain Stage [preview]

by David Gerard

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Ambient Fusion? Is there even such a thing? Well, it came into existence one October night in the city of Salem, MA. My friend Phil Wyman, who was booking musicians for the annual "Haunted Happenings" concert series, asked if I would perform a set of ambient music.

I said "yes", under the condition that he provide electric guitar.
"Mad Max" Zydrko I met a few weeks earlier at an open mic:
"Max, are you free next Saturday?" I asked him.
"Sure. What's up?"
"Would you play bass during my ambient set on the Fountain Stage?"
"Just tell me the time - I'll be there"

I had originally planned to perform some recently composed tracks, with Phil and Max backing me up. But then I got to thinking, "These guys are just gonna come in and jam on stuff they've never heard before. Why should I be the only one with an idea of what's in store?" So what I did was take some "stems" of prerecorded material in Ableton Live, and play live keyboards, improvising on both virtual and live percussion.

These pieces are credited to me, but in reality, all four tracks contained herein were a collaborative process: three talented, daring musicians performing "without a net" in front of a live audience. As would be expected, some unexpected glitches happened, but I decided to "flaunt the imperfection" - as coined on an album by China Crisis.

Occasionally, I would construct a looped pattern, and while Phil and Max played, I hopped on a djembe and added drums to the mix. In the end, I thought it might end up making Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" look like "Abbey Road", but something magical transpired between the three of us, and while I'd be the first to acknowledge this music is a slight departure, it isn't completely disparate either: part ambient, part world beat, part jazz fusion, part progressive rock.

The more I listen to this recording, the more in awe I become that we pulled off something exotic, untamed and quite extraordinary, and yet, strangely accessible. Or maybe not so strange after all.

David Gerard
October, 2014


released 20 October 2014

Electric Guitar: Phil Wyman
Electric Bass: Max Zydrko
Synthesis and Percussion: David Gerard

Guest Flute on "Ephemera Infinite": Chris Dowgin

Recorded live to digital multitrack recorder
PEM Fountain Stage, October 20, 2010
Digital remastering by David Gerard

All songs © 2010 Ambientunes, Ltd. ASCAP
Cover design & photography by David Gerard



all rights reserved


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