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Pillars Of The Saints

by David Gerard

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NOTE: This is a gapless recording - for best results during playback, please download in Apple lossless or FLAC format.

The first album ever commissioned to accompany an art installation, "The Pillars Of The Saints" was an interactive exhibit which debuted at the Burning Man Art Festival (an annual exhibition and cultural exposition) in 2011. The soundtrack can be heard on ambient station Soma Fm


released December 12, 2011

The idea of writing an album specifically designed to be a meditation CD left me feeling somewhat ambivalent: on the one hand, as a composer, I would not shy away from any creative challenge. On the other hand, I've heard a lot of commercially released "meditation music" albums - most of which I found either too "new-agey" or overarching.

So ironically, I meditated on how to write a meditation CD: I asked for divine guidance, then did nothing until I felt "inspired" (which etymologists will tell you translates to "in spirit") to create. Not only did the music eventually spring forth, but in the exact sequence produced here.

Some folks have found this album useful for traditional meditation exercises, others listen while communing with nature (many who first experienced this music in the heart of the Nevada desert report having some profound spiritual experiences) or just as background to their daily activities. I would never say or suggest there is a correct way or method to incorporate this CD, but don't be surprised if the music impacts you in a manner totally unexpected. And thanks for listening.

- David Gerard, Montreal - Winter 2012

All instrumentation by David Gerard
Recorded at Loring Studio, Summer 2011
Selections © 2011 Ambientunes, Ltd. ASCAP
Cover art & design: David Gerard

Special Thanks to: Jere Faison, David Borden, Steve Drews, Phil Wyman, Al Houghton, Boreal Taiga, Win Bent, Steve Weinstein,
Brian McLaren and Dave Luxton.

for Luis Buñuel.


all rights reserved



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I am a 33 year veteran in the field of electronic music.

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